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A new Micro example: the µURL shortener

A really simple (µ)Micro web application that can be used for creating and publishing shorter web links. The app is also calculating the monthly hit stats for a given URL, drawing a nice graph every time you re-use a link; functionality inspired by Google's own url shortener. While very simple, it is quite functional and very easy to use. It can be hosted easily and it can be used as a Intranet service or as your own public µURL shortener :)

More details on Github, in the micro-examples repository


Introducing Micro; a tiny Java framework for web development

I just released Micro in the wild!

Micro, for short: (μ) or Mu, is a modular Model View Controller framework (MVC Pull) for web development, and it was designed with simplicity in mind. Compared with other Java web frameworks, Micro doesn't force you to use the Java language for creating dynamic content, nor does it pigment your code with Java syntactic metadata or anything like that. With Micro you can start developing your web application right away even if the only content your site has is plain text or Markdown documents; you don't need Java for that. Micro uses Java under the hood, providing you the support that is specific to the web development: localization, template languages, scripting support for more advanced use, and a modular way to extend your dynamic content with controllers written in Java or using scripting, such as: Beanshell, server side Javascript(Rhino), JRuby and more.

Micro is open source and available at Github. The documentation is a work in progress but enough to get you started. The official link: Micro docs

Feedback and contributions to the project, no matter what kind, are always very welcome.

Thank you!

Just released my first Ruby gem: a MongoDB utility

Being very interested in learning MongoDB, I though I'd learn better if I'd start building a relatively complex application.

A few days later and here you go: MongoFe (MongoDB Front-End). It is a simple Sinatra based web front-end that can be used for experimenting and learning MongoDB. It's also a gem, my first gem! You can use MongoFe for simple administrative tasks, managing collections and document basic operations such as: create new documents, delete existing ones, search by various criteria and document indexing.

It is open source (MIT) and you can fork it from Github

All feedback is welcome!